Organic Gluten Free non GMO Bread

Organic Gluten Free non-GMO Bread

What is gluten?

Gluten is a Latin word meaning “glue”. It contains protein like prolamins and glutelins and that can be found from wheat, rye, and barley.  One characteristic of bread being baked is molded in any form you like because the protein binds together the mixture of starch and water or liquid ingredients. You can shape according to your liking because of its elasticity and stickiness.

Is gluten bad for our health?

For some people gluten is bad. These people have some indigestion once they consumed food with gluten content making them bloated, experience gas pains, diarrhea, etc. It could be a genetic predisposition inherited by an individual from their grandparents because of sensitivity to gluten intake. It is a digestive disorder called celiac disease – a chronic gastrointestinal disease because it will primarily damage the small intestines and may affect other organs in the long run if not given proper attention.

Swollen Villi Intestine

Indigestion of gluten can also cause gluten ataxia – this disease affects the center of the brain that controls coordination and reflex of the upper body.  Some people may also have the wheat allergic disease – the immune system will trigger abnormally respond because it treats the gluten presence as a threat foreign body.  For some gluten sensitivity can cause other neurological disorders.

Wheat Bread

If you have some disorder digestion of eating gluten-rich food better to avoid wheat, barley, rye, and some bye products out these crops like bread and cookies.

In other words, take a gluten-free diet food. You can eat corn, rice, beans, potato, banana, leafy vegetables and other fruits, chicken, meat, fruits, milk, etc.

Eat non-GMO Bread? 

Baked bread that was not using ingredients that are genetically modified (GMO) additives like corn syrup,  soy flour, and artificial sweetening are non-GMO Bread. – basically organic bread in essence gluten-free diet. You can include rice,  soybean, flax,  arrowroot, amaranth grain, etc.



Does Organic Food Reduce the Risk of Cancer?

Does Organic Food Lower Risk of Cancer?

Cancer is a dreaded disease that everyone would not like to experience because that would mean a disaster a hopeless case scenario and would only need miracle cure.  Cancer is an abnormal growth of tissues within the body because of the uncontrolled divisions of cells thereby affecting the normal behavior of the body. Two types of tumor: it can be benign-it will grow but will not spread out and can be malignant –it will grow and can spread throughout the body.

Noh-Hodgkin Lymphoma (NHL) cancer link to certain chemicals?

Some experts believe that Noh-Hodgkin Lymphoma (NHL) cancer is cause by genetic changes due to intervening variables on the genes like smoke, chemicals inhaled, induced or due to consumptions of foods products with the presence of synthetics chemicals, additives, and preservatives. Our liver, kidney, the skins and some parts of the body dispel toxins and other impurities to some extent.  The presence of these radicals causes the cells to split when not to split, produce new cells when not supposed to produce.  This unnatural functioning of the genes creates a mass of tissue called tumor and in case of blood, white cells overwhelming the red blood cells.  A type of white blood cell tumor is called a non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma affecting the lymphatic system.

I have come across on the internet about the incidence of a woman who rejected chemo but instead tried juicing organic fruits and vegetables. You can watch below on youtube and see for yourselves her testimony on how she was healed.

There were also a research findings published in Jam internal medicine subjecting 70,000 french participants mostly women for 5 years and were given 16 types of organic food for consumption and out those participants 25% eating frequently of organic food are fewer in cancer compared to those who are not. Moreover, those participants who ate most of the organic food ward of  Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and menopausal breast cancer.

Natural and Organic Products for Skin Care

organic skin care pic1

It is just but natural for us to take care of our skin because it is our natural protection from any impurities like chemicals, dust, dirt, microorganism as well as protection from mechanical pressure and impact.  Our skin will naturally respond to changes in temperature whether cold or hot – if our body feels hot it will sweat to balance the temperature. If we can not sustain the coldness our skin will send the signal to our brain that we need a blanket or any covering. Lot of things our skin can do for our own protection and healthy body.  It is a must for us to always take care of our hygiene specially for our skin by all means.

What is the Difference Between Natural and Organic Products?

Being organic does not necessarily mean natural.  Plants and animals being grown in a prescribed practice method certified by USDA perse produces organic products – There is plowing, mixing of animal manure and compost for growing crops without the use of synthetic chemicals or hormones. Organic farming is an eco-friendly method of farming because it preserves the natural state of the environment.  Natural products do not comply with standard farming.  Plants and animals are raised traditionally but just the same no chemical application. Productions are less as compare to organic farming.

Key Components of Anti-aging Products

1. Retinol

Whether it could be found in the pharmacy or from dermatologists there is one common secret ingredient that is common to any product, that is the presence of Retinol. The acid component replenishes vitamin A deficiency of our body as we grow older,  build collagen, .repair wrinkles,  rejuvenate and improve discoloration of the dullness of the complexion of the skin.

2 Anti-oxidant

Free radicals damage cell structure and anti-oxidant prevent it from happening.  Anti-oxidant properties can be found from substances like lycopene, beta-carotene, selenium and fruits and vegetables that are rich in Vitamin A, C, & E

3. Alpha-hydroxy Acids

Types of Alpha-hydroxy acids that act as an exfoliant to the dead cell is lactic acid making the deeper part of the skin to grow and to come to the surface. Another type is glycolic which reduces the wrinkles of the skin thereby making the skin tight and smooth.

These components allowed companies to develop natural and organic skincare products for people who have sensitive skin or allergic to chemicals. Although it is safe to say that these products are natural and organic, it is still best to consult dermatologists as a precautionary measure before you apply the product on your skin. The doctor will make sure that you will not experience an allergic reaction once you applied the product on your skin.

Organic Food- How Important?

Eating –Who cares?

Most people never bother knowing about food we eat. As long as we are satisfied organic food who careswith it, then nothing to worry-who cares! When we crave for food, we choose the meals that will satisfy our taste. Sometimes because it is so delicious that we go beyond our capacity until we can no longer take it. But is it really worth it? Perhaps because you are satisfied. But what is it like in the long run?


What will happen if you do not pay attention to what you are eating?

Food is one thing the people wanted to enjoy in life. What if suddenly, we got sick and we found out that the source of our illnesses is the food we eat?

If you will not pay attention to what you are eating then you might end up losing your health eventually your wealth – as a saying goes Health is Wealth because your money goes to paying your bills in the hospitals, consultation fees for the doctors, buying prescribed drugs etc. The worst scenario is you may no longer enjoy the food you want since your doctor says no!

How important is the food in our health?

Food energizes our body whether mental, physical and psychological. But the food we are eating nowadays are not anymore natural as it used to be because the crops are already treated with chemicals like pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, and insecticides. Those chemicals are toxic and harmful to our body when taken in large content. Having huge amount of toxins will deteriorate our body physically and mentally. Digestive tract, liver and kidney will not be able to dispose if they are overridden by it.

How to avoid diseases based on the food we eat?

Crops not anymore possible to avoid eating food without having those chemicals but at least we can reduce the amount of chemicals entering into our body and by totally avoiding eating foods that are not natural. Less chemicals in our body means less toxins and less toxins means good health.  Organic food are readily available now in the market online.

What is organic food?

Food that are not treated with artificial chemicals like pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, antibiotics, and hormones. Crops grown with standard organic farming using natural fertilizers like animal manure or natural decompose plants. Organic products produce are free of food coloring, preservatives, food coloring, and additives.

Available organic products that we can purchase are vegetables, meat products, fruits and dairy products. Some are in the form of cookies and cereal products.

The benefits of Organic Food

The organic vegetables, fruits and cereal that are organic have higher concentration of antioxidant compare to non-organic.The anti-oxidant prevent free radicals from causing illnesses in your body.

It is found out in the study that there is no significant difference between the nutrients produce from organic farming compared to cionventional farming except that organic products prevent individual from exposure to artificial chemicals,  antibiotics, and hormones. henceforth, protects body from aging, heart failure and cancer.